Rotary Drum Dryers,Sawdust Burners,Wood Pelleting,Wood Shavings
Rotary Drum Dryers and Sawdust Burners
Energy Unlimited Inc has been providing sawdust fired solid fuel furnaces for industrial
dehydration systems for over 15 years. These sawdust burners have been used to direct fire
single and triple pass rotary drum dryers for removing moisture from many products including
but not limited to wood shavings for animal bedding , sawdust for wood pelleting and pressed
fire logs ,dairy manure , alfalfa dehy for animal feed , PVC resin, shrimp heads, and many pulp
and paper applications.
Energy Unlimited Inc provides many services to help in your drying system. We can provide
you with consulting , whole plant layout and design, starters, PLC whole plant automation
including burner control, fabrication of cyclones, conveyors, log decks, hoppers, diverters,
chutes, structural frame work and anything else that might be required during installation. We
can install your entire plant from the ground up or we can help you pick and choose what parts
we will do and what parts you can do yourself to help keep costs down. Our years of
experience can help us size and design your system to work right.
We can and have done everything from ground up installations to simple ductwork replacement.
With our years of experience we have done work for companies that are drying Alfalfa,Wood
Shavings,Manure,Wood Pellets,PVC Resin,Bakery Waste, Seed Corn, and Shrimp Heads
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